Bloody Marvellous, Mary

… is the story of how, after an overlong experimentation session in pantry and cauldron, Merlin was in a bad way, with the king of hangovers. He asked the potionmaster’s wife,  Mary. to make him a broth that would sooth his head and calm his troubled belly. Mary went through the pantry that Merlin ransacked the night before and made do with what she found. 

Merlin having burnt all the wood for the potion during the night shift, she had to use her wits to come up with a cold recipe that held heat, but come up with it she did. Merlin drank from the jug and downed 2 pints of the potion. His face contorted, his eyes spun and his body shook. 

At last he became calm and was sent into a stupor. Nervously, Mary asked him “Sir, did the broth make your ague better? How do feel, your spelfullness?” Merlin, spun round and round, his face broke out into a mad grin and he roared, “Bloody marvellous, Mary!!!” 

And that is how the bloody Mary was discovered. Honest.

Spice & Heat Rating 4/4

Whilst everyone has different sensitivities to spices and in particular pepper HEAT, we feel the MARVELLOUS MARY is at the top end of the rating. Some people may want her hotter, but not many! If you prefer a less spicy MARY, choose our MAGNIFICENT MARY, who is more subtle, less hot, but still mature and full of body and flavour.

Bloody Marvellous, Mary

  • Inspired by and created near Stonehenge where pagan potions have been mixed and magic spells cast for over 3000 years.
  • Made with Vodka & Pagan Potion No.1 – from the best natural ingredients available.
  • No added sugar, salt, artificial flavourings or preservatives.
  • 152 calories per jar.

Original & Classic Handcrafted Cocktail

8.0% ABV

Chill & Shake Well Before Opening

Serve with ice and lemon if desired and your choice of garnish – celery, pickled asparagus or king prawn are our favourites. For ideas on how to serve and garnish your MARY, go to Serving A Bloody Mary.


The 100% fresh Italian Tomatoes are skinned, pressed, sieved to remove the seeds, the finest Pagan Vodka is used, and blended with English Table Water and our own Pagan Potion No.1 (fresh lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco sauce, cream sherry, red wine, balsamic vinegar & white pepper).

Pasteurised For Premium Quality

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