Pagan Potions Bloody Marys and Mixes – the Bloody Mary that is more than the sum of it’s parts.

Pagan Potions Bloody Marys and Mixes are Hand Crafted, not industrially made. We offer the Bloody Marvellous Mary at spice strength 4/4 and the Bloody Magnificent Mary at spice strength 1/4. No matter which you choose, both of our Pagan Marys are vat-matured and bottle-matured and made in small batches.

We make them from the best ingredients we can source, not the cheapest – especially the tomatoes. We use fresh Italian tomatoes which have been skinned, de-seeded and sieved, because they taste like tomatoes! We choose not to use tomato juice made from concentrate because it is heated to very high temperatures for long periods and usually has a lot of added salt and most importantly, does not taste like fresh tomatoes. 

Our unique Flavour is infused over time to deliver synergy, which as Aristotle apparently said, is where “the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts”. How do we get this effect?

As well as fresh tomatoes, we use fresh lemon juice, vodka, water, cream sherry, red wine, white pepper, balsamic vinegar, Worcestershire sauce and Tabasco.  These ten ingredients lie with each other in the vat, are slowly stirred and blended then they are gently pasteurised for premium quality and immediately filled into their jar and matured for weeks. No other Bloody Mary is made this way. And although ours is vat-matured and jar-matured, it tastes fresher than a ‘freshly made’ Bloody Mary, because we start with fresher ingredients and use more of them for a richer and more complex flavour.

So, that is synergy. A freshly made Bloody Mary cannot achieve this as it is usually drunk within minutes of making and simply does not have the time to mature. Absolutely nothing wrong with that, but when you taste our Bloody Mary with synergy, you reach a whole new level of taste and refreshment.

In addition to our main ingredient being fresh Italian tomatoes, skinned, sieved and packed fresh from picking, no salts or acids are added. No artificial flavour, no citric acid, no gums and no preservatives. They are GMO free and BPA free and to top it all, they are seedless.

So, if you want a devilishly decadent Bloody Mary taste, make sure your Mary is Pagan.